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Global Scout Network

Use the power of the Internet and the accessibility of Amateur Radio to help your Scout Group keep in touch with other groups around the world.

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Easy to access

No special equipment is required, all you need is a Smartphone and an Internet Connection. There is no need for complicated antennas or expensive radio equipment.

Global Connectivity

Unlike regular HAM and Amateur Radio, distance is not a barrier to access. If you have an Internet connection, you can access the network.

Secure, closed community

Scoutsnet channels are secured and moderated by volunteers like you to help keep the waves clean and safe.

Free and easy to use

No special equipment required

Scoutsnet is built on the Zello Network Radio platform which is a free to use cloud-based service. It's very easy to use and highly accessible for anyone with a smartphone or Windows PC.

We will help you get to grips with the platform and can offer advice if you wish to create your own channels for use within your group.

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Volunteer Run and Moderated by Leaders.

Scoutsnet is volunteer run by people just like you, with admins currently hailing from Scout Groups around the UK. If you would like to join our admin team then get in touch, we are looking for input and ideas to connect Scouts around the world.

Signing up your group will require at least one nominated Member who will be expected to be responsible for moderating your groups use of the network - this is the only way we can keep the network safe for everyone to use. Groups and Scouts eligible to sign up will be provided with their own unique callsign to identify them on the waves.

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Language limitations.

The world is a big place, with many cultures and languages - that's what makes Jamborees so much fun! Unfortunately, due to the need to moderate and ensure the safety of young people on the channels, we are limited to a few languages.

The only langauge to be spoken on the primary channels is English. As demand grows, so will the channels we make available to use.

As new channels are made available, there will be a need for native speakers to be able to help us moderate the channels, ensuring best behaviour at all times and being able to immediately communicate issues with group leaders if their members are misbehaving.