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The worlds biggest Scout Jamboree

This year we were proud to be supporting the World Scout JOTA-JOTI event. With a huge number of registration entries from around the world, the channels were alive with chatter as scouts of all ages connected with each other and discussed what Scouting means to them (along with the concept of Pineapple on a Pizza).

Thank you to all those who were able to join us at our maiden JOTA-JOTI event, we cosider it a great success and that is entirely down to everyone who used the channels to make contact.

Keeping the chat alive.

While the JOTA-JOTI event weekend is over, the ability to chat with other groups and keep the conversation going is not. Scoutsnet will be leaving one of our channels open for access.

Signup and Moderation will be a little different for new users, assuming that young people will be given access to the channels away from Scout sessions on their personal smartphones. Obviously, we're not able to make decisions on whether your young people should be allowed on channel, so we leave that decision making up to the Scout Group requesting access and the young persons parents or guardians.

Safeguarding and Responibility.

Scoutsnet is run by volunteers. We are all Scout Leaders and Parents, so we understand the need for keeping any system we use as safe as possible for young people to use.

Access to our channels is regulated to ensure where possible only those involved with Scouting will ever in a channel, this means that young people will be safe to chat with anyone there.

We advise Scout Groups speak to parents or guardians about allowing their young people access to channels, and discuss with young people their responsibilities while on channel. Together they can agree any and all limitations and supervision as needed.

When this discussion has taken place and an agreement has been reached, your Scout Group can contact us and request access for your members. We will first need to verify any Leader(s) requesting access, and then will allow your members into channels.

To get started, a Group or Section Leader must register their group with us. If you have any questions, get in touch with our admin team.

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